Connect – Residential & Business Survey

Community Broadband Survey – Elmore County, Alabama

This survey should take no more than 3-5 minutes to complete… The Elmore County Economic Development Authority requests your assistance to gain a better understanding of broadband (high-speed internet) needs and opportunities for business, education, health and safety, and private residential uses.

Your responses will assist in the following ways:
• Establish geographical areas with the greatest need for broadband expansion
• Assist in identifying and prioritizing investment in infrastructure
• Support funding requests and grant proposals
• Inform program development to enhance adoption of broadband.

Your input is appreciated, and will be used solely for the identified purposes.

For the purposes of this survey, Broadband is defined as 25 Mbps or greater download speeds and 3 Mbps or greater upload speeds, as defined by the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Act minimum service threshold.

Types of Broadband:
DSL – Internet service provided through traditional phone lines
Cable – Internet service provided through coax cables like Charter Spectrum
Fiber – Internet service provided through fiber optic lines
Wireless – Internet service provided through satellite, mobile phone, or other non-terrestrial means