Businesses looking to locate to Elmore County can be assured that Elmore County has a tremendous infrastructure capacity to support a large business community. Our industrial parks are fully prepared with: water, sewer, electric, natural gas and high-speed telecommunications services for businesses. Below you will find the necessary information for obtaining utilities in Elmore County. If you have further needs, contact the Elmore County EDA at 334-514-5843 and we will be happy to assist you.


Natural Gas



Water and Sewer

  • Central Elmore Water and Sewer Authority (334) 567-6814
  • Wetumpka Water and Sewer Board (334) 567-8404
  • Tri-Community Water (334) 285-4267
  • Marbury Water
  • Elmore Water Authority (334) 285-6109
  • Holtville Water Authority (334) 569-2105
  • Eclectic Water Works and Sewer (334) 541-2840
  • Friendship Water Works (334) 283-6463