Announcing the Millbrook Mural Grant Program

February 18, 2022

The Millbrook Area Chamber of Commerce, together with the City of Millbrook, is proud to announce our 2022 Mural Grant Program. This investment in public art is a vital part of the goals of both the City and Chamber to enhance the City’s appearance and appeal, engage citizens and businesses, raise awareness and appreciation for the value of art, increase employment opportunities in the arts, encourage tourism, and add economic vitality to the area.

For FY22, the City/Chamber will seek to allocate a total of $30,000.00 for the Millbrook Mural Grant Program. It is a cost reimbursable program up to $6,000 that requires a match of at least 20% of the total project cost. For example, an Applicant that invests $7,500 on a mural may receive reimbursement of up to $6,000. As reimbursement grants, Mural Grants are paid after the work is completed.