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Quality of Life Phase II Projects in Elmore County

Tallassee, Eclectic & Holtville Communities

In 2020, the Elmore County Commission worked with our state legislative delegation to seek local legislation to authorize a levelized lodging tax for the purpose of funding economic development projects. Once enacted, the first project set pursued by the county were quality of life projects promoting tourism. A multi-phase project started in the western portion of the county at 17 Springs with five participants with a three partner project in Wetumpka at Hohenburg Field following close behind. The initial projects are the economic engine that will drive growth of future improvements into other communities in our county.

With these first phase projects underway and nearing completion, the second phase of the projects are being planned in Tallassee, Eclectic, and Holtville.

The Elmore County Economic Development Authority (ECEDA) sought your input as ECEDA, the Elmore County Commission, the Elmore County Board of Education, Tallassee City Schools, City of Tallassee and Town of Eclectic evaluate needs in these communities.

Thank you to all who participated.